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IVAO – International Virtual Aviation Organisation

IVAO is a network for all aviation enthusiasts. You can discover the whole world as a pilot or guide pilots as an air traffic controller from your computer at home. IVAO offers a unique experience because you won’t be flying alone, but you’ll become a part of an international community! Whether you’re after having fun, trying out something new or improving your skills, IVAO can help you.

Interested? We welcome everyone with open arms!

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2207, 2022

Virtual NATO Days 2022

Dear aviation fans! We are delighted to announce third annual successful event Virtual NATO Days 2022. Event will consist from two parts as usual, Fly-In Ostrava and the Airshow itself. [...]

408, 2021

IVAO virtual NATO days 2021

Greetings to fans of special equipment! After the success from the last year and together with our SO department, we are preparing for you another annual event called Virtual NATO [...]

2701, 2021

Change of ATC Callsigns

Dear members, from tomorrow, the 28.1.2021 there will be a change of callsigns of ATC positions. You can find them in the chart below: These changes will be active on [...]




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