The Czech division is moving to a new Discord server!


Dear friends,

After four months, we are coming up with another change. We have created a new Discord server for you, already under the brand of IVAO.


Let me briefly introduce the key features:

  1. Membership verification based on IVAO account.
  2. Optional subscription to specific channel types – you can only subscribe to topics that interest you.
  3. Unified notification of divisional announcements, events, trainings and exams, as well as HQ announcements, server problems and, among other things, an exclusive subscription to FSNews magazine or news from our partners.


The login itself is not complicated at all, but here is a brief guide:

  1. Open
  2. Log in via an IVAO account.
  3. Study the rules (different from the original ones) and consent to data processing.
  4. Log in to the server via the button.
  5. In the entrance channel (called “vstup”) on the new server, read the introductory message and confirm by clicking on the reaction of the division logo.


Each member has the option to log in only once – if you change your Discord account, have left (by mistake) the server or you have not completed the login process correctly, we must reset the access. Write the request to the CZ-Web Department (


We believe that this step will once again move the Czech division one step forward and we look forward to meeting you on the new server!


On behalf of IVAO-CZ, CZ-AWM Jan Staněk