GCA – Guest Controller Approval

Czech Division is participating in GCA programme. It is a process of training, examination followed by approval for a member, who is not member of the specific division. Also, it is stated by rules:

  • IR 2.2.2: Divisions may restrict ATC positions by an FRA and/or GCA. These restrictions shall be published on the respective division website.
  • T.2: Divisions may require members of foreign divisions to obtain a Guest Controller Approval before providing ATC services. Divisions shall announce their participation and publish their requirements on the division’s website. Such GCA requirement(s) shall be published on the division website in English language.
  • T.2.1: All users with an ADC (or higher) rating can apply for a GCA.
  • T.2.2: The GCA shall only be used to determine if a user is able to properly apply the local procedures on the respective FRA restricted position. Divisions may require a checkout to assess the level of competence. Divisions reserves the right to revoke a GCA in case the required level of competence is no longer met. A GCA cannot be refused or revoked based on lack of knowledge of the local language.
  • T.2.3: Training Director, Training Assistant Director and Senior Training Advisors are allowed to log into any ATC position on the network regardless of GCA restrictions for training and exam purposes.

The Czech Division has currently suspended the process of accepting GCA applications. The training department is working hard on multilingual materials to restart the new members’ applications to the GCA. Contact the Training Department for more information.