Hello pilots. 

We appretiate you are intereste to fly to Prague.

You get necessary information about most important procedures at LKPR in this section.

All information listed counts with fully staffed airport.

    • After joining the frequency, wait at least 5 seconds before you start speaking.
    • Keep your communication clear and as short aspossible.
    • Execute ATC instructions as soon as possible, immediately after readback.
    • If unable to comply with ATC instruction, do not readback. Report unable instead.
    • Listen carefully. Any “Say again” requests may delay another flow of communication.
    • We do prefer Voice-Voice communications. Please use Text Only in only special circumstances.
    • If you are connected to already occupied stand, please disconnect, move to a
      different stand and connect again.
    • Monitor private chat and comply with instructions there.
    • Have scenery installed and tested. 
    • Have charts ready, available at “Pilots -> Charts” section of web.
    • If you are confused, do not know where to go, ask ATC for a help.