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Moravia VFR Rush

Moravia VFR Rush
9th June 2020, 17:00z – 20:00z
Event created by: IVAO-CZ Event Department

Event Date: 9th June 2020
Event Time: 17:00z – 20:00z
Event Type: VFR flights in the area between Brno, BRQ/LKTB and Ostrava, OSR/LKMT

Have you ever spoken to a controller at small airfield with ATZ only? No? So come and fly with us in the region of Moravia!

Several ATZ airfields will be opened and the coverage will be ensured just for you.

Take a light airplane, e.g. Cessna 172 or Cirrus SR22, file a simple VFR flightplan and enjoy flying under visual flight rules!

You can depart from Brno, BRQ/LKTB or Ostrava, OSR/LKMT or even from any airfield with controller online. An flight information service will be provided as well.

LKAA VFR Manual (including all airfields in LKAA FIR):
VFR Manual – Czech Republic

Use of own charts is allowed, but they have to be in line with current AIRAC (2006)!

VFR airfields: (freeware)
The pack contains a lot of Czech airfiels. – XPL (freeware)

> You can send your PIREP and get 1 point towards the Czech Pilot Events Award!

Send your PIREP via this link!

We are looking forward to seeing you flying in the region of Moravia!

IVAO-CZ Event Department


09 Jun 2020


17:00 - 20:00